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Pure Fucoidan Capsules 400mg
thumb_Pure Fucoidan Capsules 400mg
thumb_Pure Fucoidan Capsules 400mg
thumb_Pure Fucoidan Capsules 400mg

Pure Fucoidan Capsules 400mg


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DNA Repair
DNA Repair
Metabolic Health
Metabolic Health
Metabolic Health
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Serving Size
1-2 Capsules Daily
Fucoidan (Seaweed Extract)
Shelf Life
2 Years

What is SIRT6 (Fucoidan)?

SIRT6, a key protein associated with longevity and cellular health, can be activated by Fucoidan, a compound found in certain brown seaweeds. As a SIRT6 activator, Fucoidan is being explored for its potential in supporting longevity, regulating cellular processes, and promoting overall well-being.

The Science Behind SIRT6 (Fucoidan)

Fucoidan, derived from brown seaweeds, exhibits the ability to activate SIRT6, a sirtuin protein linked to various cellular functions. SIRT6 plays a crucial role in DNA repair, inflammation regulation, and metabolic processes. By activating SIRT6, Fucoidan may contribute to enhanced cellular resilience and overall health, making it a subject of interest in longevity and wellness research.

SIRT6 Benefits

  • Longevity Support

    Fucoidan, a SIRT6 activator, may support longevity by enhancing the activity of SIRT6, a protein associated with increased lifespan and cellular health.

  • Cellular Repair

    Fucoidan's activation of SIRT6 contributes to efficient DNA repair processes, promoting cellular resilience and maintaining genetic stability.

  • Inflammation Regulation

    By activating SIRT6, Fucoidan helps regulate inflammation, supporting a balanced immune response and overall well-being.

  • Metabolic Health

    Fucoidan's influence on SIRT6 may contribute to improved metabolic processes, potentially aiding in weight management and energy balance.

  • Cardiovascular Wellness

    SIRT6 activation by Fucoidan has implications for cardiovascular health, as it may contribute to the regulation of factors associated with heart health.

  • Cellular Protection

    Fucoidan, as a SIRT6 activator, provides cellular protection by influencing processes linked to oxidative stress, potentially mitigating age-related cellular damage.

How SIRT6 Works


SIRT6 Activation

Fucoidan, derived from certain brown seaweeds, acts as a SIRT6 activator. SIRT6 is a sirtuin protein associated with longevity and cellular health. Fucoidan's interaction with SIRT6 triggers its activation, initiating a cascade of cellular responses crucial for various biological functions.


DNA Repair Enhancement

Activated SIRT6 plays a pivotal role in enhancing DNA repair mechanisms. This promotes genetic stability and resilience, ensuring efficient repair of damaged DNA, which is fundamental for the maintenance of cellular integrity and longevity.


Inflammation Regulation

Fucoidan's activation of SIRT6 contributes to the regulation of inflammation. SIRT6's involvement in controlling inflammatory pathways helps maintain a balanced immune response, supporting overall health and potentially mitigating age-related inflammatory conditions.

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